Many of the abbreviations/terms used in the Model world can be very confusing, what do they mean? e.g. Prefix letters on fleet numbers or what do the numbers and letters on every trailer mean etc. I am frequently contacted by people asking the answers. To assist everybody I have decided to compile this "Glossary" page. Have you ever heard or seen abbreviations or terms that have confused you in the past? If they have confused you then they undoubtedly will have confused others.

Please CLICK HERE to email and help me expand this list  with any abbreviations and terms together with their meaning, that you think would assist others. Please also email with items you would like to see the answers to. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I have compiled the list of Fleet Code numbers and Trailer Codes from the Eddie Stobart Spotters handbook19th edition


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Ever wondered what the prefix letters on the fleet number of each truck stand for. the below should hopefully answer your questions. e.g. F547, H135 etc. The letter(s) identifies the type of vehicle and the number is that vehicles particular number.



A Automotive Division
F Can Trailer
H Articulated Tractor Unit
L Light
LSA London Southend Airport
M Road Train
T Tesco
V Van
X Shunt



Ever wondered what the numbers and letters mean that can be seen in various places on every Eddie Stobart trailer. Each trailer has its' own identifier e.g.. BDD1596. The letters at the beginning identify the type of trailer and the number is that trailers number so BDD1596 would mean Box Double Decker trailer number 1596. The following should answer any questions you might have.



BDD Box Double Deck
CL Chipliner
CT Can Trailer
DD Double Deck Trailer
ET European Trailer
FDD Fridge Double Deck
FET Fridge Euro Trailer
FMT Fridge Multi Compartment Trailer
FST Fridge Single Compartment Trailer
FT Refrigerated Trailer
GT Low Loader
HB Homebase Trailer
HET Long length Enviotrailer
HT High Trailer
IBV Insulated Box Trailer
ICT Ireland Can Trailer
IET International European Trailer
IFT Ireland Fridge Trailer
LB Live Bed
MET Medium length Envirotrailer
MT Mega Continental Trailer
PS Platform Skeletal Trailer
PT Polo Trailer
RT Race Trailer
SDT Swivel Deck Trailer
SET Secure Euro Trailer
SK Skeletal Trailer
SMT Secure Mega Trailer Trailer
TET/TCT Tesco Trailer
WF Walking Floor Trailer


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